Queen West Art Crawl

lAbove: Tom Pickett, Tar on Plexi mounted to Plywood , 14x14", 2009. By Neil Klassen.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon the Queen West Art Crawl and saw some really amazing stuff. Too amazing actually, because all I wanted to do was buy, buy, buy. But, art ain’t cheap so I’ll have to start feeding the piggy.

These are a couple of my fav artists from the Crawl.

Matt Durant creates incredible pieces using wood, resin, acrylic and mixed media.

Matt Durant

Neil Klassen showcased his Outlaw series; he used tar, plexi and plywood to depict past outlaws from the west.

Neil Klassen

Sarah Tacoma is a photographer who encases her beautiful photographs with wood and resin.

Sarah Tacoma

There's literally hundreds of incredible artists to browse through—seriously, there were over 200 vendors who set up camp. The last day is today, so get a move on. More info.

Queen West Art Crawl