So, I recently landed one of those “do I really GET to work on this?” kind of projects—an installment of a global party series called Smirnoff Experience. This chapter was for bloggers, club and bar owners/staff, and general taste making type people.

The entire idea for the night was to bring guests into a graphic world (one filled with illustrations, speech bubbles and a whole lot of black, white and red).

The experience began with a mysterious invite prompting a phone in RSVP (throwback!) and continued on to a truly themed event featuring Deadmau5 at ARD lofts.

I had a complete blast working on it and bringing the theme to life through creative. Plus, the team I got to do it with at Mosaic XM was beyond mind blowing(ly) smart, creative, and fun!

All illustrations for the evening were done by Jim Rugg.

Twitter Feed (this was projected at the event, live twitter fountain of all tweets hashtagged #SmirnoffExp -- thanks to our awesome SMI team)



The above photos were all done by Carl W. Heindl